Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Indicative abstract

Erdelez, S. (1999) "Information encountering: it's more than just bumping into information." Bulletin of the American Association for Information Science [Online], 25(3), 25-29. http://www.asis.org/Bulletin/Feb-99/erdelez.html

This article introduces the concept of information encountering and relates it to the wider context of information acquisition. Participants were asked to recall information encountering experiences. Four categories of information encounterers are identified and issues of timeframe, user needs and practical implications are addressed, including emotional and cognitive changes. The author concludes that information encountering is an important area of information acquisition and should inform future consideration of user behaviour.

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  1. As a team we created two abstracts, which we then shared and discussed. Nancy has added the analysis of the other abstract with her post, so I thought I'd add to this post with our analysis of this one. Whereas the other abstract drifted towards a rather journalistic approach (I think we struggled to escape the tendency to criticise the article), this abstract was unbiased and accurately indicitave of the content of the article. The main concern was that the sentences were rather long, but the tutor confirmed that they were actually surprisingly concise.