Sunday, October 16, 2011

Information Literacy & 信息素养

I am very pleased to get the opportunity to share something about information literacy in Chinese.There are some websites below focusing upon the research and practice on information literacy.

  • Information Literacy Association of Wuhan University

  • 武汉大学信息素养协会

  • Information Literacy Association of Wuhan University, which is the first student league with substance of information literacy, was found in June of 2006 by more than 30 graduate and undergraduate students, and was established formally in September of 2006. The association is instructed professionally by the School of Information and Management of Wuhan University. Professor Ma Feichen, the chef of the information resource research center of Wuhan University, is the chef academic director of the association; moreover, the international counselor of it is Professor F.W.Horton, the senior counselor of the information resource management committee in U.S. From this page, we can get information about recent activities and recourses about information literacy. Also, people can discuss their opinions in the BBS of the website.

  • Information Literacy Teaching Platform

  • 信息素养教学实验平台

  • This teaching platform is produced by Management School, Shandong University. It aims to help users deal with Information barriers appearing in their life, study and research, and promote their capability of information acquisition and use, learning and research. There are four parts for learner to choose: teaching, communication, examination and tutorship.

  • Information literacy Training Course

  • 信息素养培训课程

  • Information literacy research team developed this website for people to understand information literacy standards, and also to improve their ability of information selecting, information retrieval and information evaluation. The course consists of four parts including introduction to information literacy, information resources, information retrieval and information evaluation and use. If the user is beginner of information literacy, they are recommended to start from the introduction to information literacy.

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