Saturday, October 1, 2011

Information Resources_Anna

When I was an undergraduate student, I read academic books and journals to prepare my essay, read novels for fun, and watched BBC news to improve my English and know the world. However, since I came in Sheffield, map becomes increasingly important to my life. I take it to attend class, go shopping and visit friends, otherwise I might lose myself. What’s more, it is quite different between the teaching methods in England and that in China. Chinese students often use a main textbook for a course, and almost every student has one. In contrast, in British, there are a lot of materials, including print and electronic books, journals and websites which people have to study before class for preparation and after class for review. Fortunately, libraries here are brilliant with comfortable sofa, rich collections, bright space and friendly service so that I can get information freely and effectively.


Dictionary (online, print)

Encyclopedia (online, print)





News website



Conference Paper



Community-based answering site (Professional, free)

Social networking sites

Online academic discussion forums

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