Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Information Universe

Like my fellow Shush This! bloggers, part of the reason I am on this course is my love for learning new things. I particularly love the way that finding one piece of information leads the the discovery of so much more. Information retrieval occurs in all aspects of life, from academic to work-related to personal. My list of types of information may somewhat overlap with that of my colleagues, but I think that just reflects the common interest in information literacy that we all share:
  • books - including fictional, academic, handbooks, etc.
  • journals and academic articles, both online and in print
  • newspapers and magazines
  • websites - including news, corporate, government, commercial, gossip, blogs
  • search engines and online databases
  • television and film
  • teletext and 'the red button'
  • radio
  • social networking - both in reality and online

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