Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Secrets of Google

In researching the Test Essay for the iSchool, I have found out a lot about Google's darkest secrets. However, the lecture from Alistair Allan explored the more positive aspects of what Google doesn't necessarily tell you - Advanced Search. I had used this tool a few times in my undergraduate degree, but not to the extent that Alistair showed us in class. I think the most interesting thing I found out was that you could set up email alerts with Google Scholar, so that links can be sent to you when new documents are published and added to Google's repository.

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  1. I always miss some important points in class, because I can't catch every word by teacher. Fortunately, I read your article and I get that now. Thank you very much!

    P.S. If there are mistakes in my words, please post a comment, so that I can correct them. Thanks! ^_^