Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To Go and Google Forth

Professor Allan gave a very thought-provoking speech this week on Google secrets, particularly with the Scholar function. The session was chock-a-block with solid content, and we were simultaneously trying to write notes and practise his tips. My favourite was just to adjust the reading level of the work involved, though it was also great to understand that different file types would result in certain documents. It's odd to think that there are secrets surrounding such a massive brand name, but I suppose it's similar to the ingredients of Coca-Cola. We are perfectly willing to ingest, even if we don't understand the constituent material.

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  1. Hi, Nancy!
    I have learnt some new words from your article. But I still have a problem about the last two sentences. I mean I understand what the words mean, but have no idea about what you want to express. Can you help me? Thanks a lot!