Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Summation of Sessions

I feel a bit wistful writing this as it will be my final contribution to this blog. Our course on information literacy is over now. I wish I had more clear answers regarding the outcome of blogging. It just felt difficult to maintain given the other content in the class. Perhaps doing the '23 things' is easier for online courses, where writing is the only way to reveal oneself. I know I do wish there had been an anonymous format as some of us are private creatures. I also know it felt there was a tension, (at least temporal), between aspects of blogging, vs. information literacy vs. search strategies. To me, they are ranked in increasing utility.
As for our fellow blogs, I really appreciated the add-ons that teams had, such as Lobcock's wordplay section, and the newsfeed and 'dog of the day' from another team. Team T's group photo really helped personalize their work, as did the individual (and very unique!) photos from i23. Their writing style was also really clear, enjoyable and indicative of their personalities.
Very best wishes everyone!

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